Monitoring the effect of therapy

On June 5, 2019, the implemented software for monitoring the effect of the therapy of medicinal products with a new International Non-proprietary Name (INN), included in the Positive Drug List, was officially launched.

The pilot launch of the software platform is implemented in "St. Ivan Rilski" hospital in Sofia by the Chairman and members of the National Council on Prices and Reimbursement of Medicinal Products, together with Dr. Boyko Penkov - Deputy Minister of Health and Management the medical establishment.

The monitoring of the effect of the therapy with the medicinal products shall be performed by medical establishments for hospital care and medical establishments under Art. 5, para. 1, art. 10, items 3, 3a, 3b and 6 of the Law for the medical establishments, in which there are structures according to the profile of the disease.

In the course of monitoring the effect of the therapy, the medical establishments will collect the information for each specific medicinal product and will provide it to the National Council on a daily basis through an automatic transfer from the hospital information system.

The data provided to the National Council by the hospital information systems are relevant to the defined conditions and criteria for monitoring the effect of therapy with innovative medicinal products, and the information will be completely anonymized (data that do not contain personal information about the patient).