Horizon scanning

According to Art. 7a of the ORDINANCE ON THE TERMS, RULES AND PROCEDURE FOR REGULATION AND REGISTRATION OF PRICES FOR MEDICINAL PRODUCTS (SG, No. 28 of 2021), the Мarketing Аuthorization Holders or their authorized representatives may submit to the Council a notification according to a form approved by The Council, for an intention to submit an application for inclusion in the PDL of a medicinal product belonging to a new international non-proprietary name, for which a Health Technology Assessment will be carried out according to Art. 30a. The notification to the Council shall be submitted up to 3 years before the expected date of submission of an application under Art. 32, para. 1 for the inclusion of the medicinal product in the PDL and Health Technology Assessment and contains the information specified in Annex No. 1. The Council annually publishes on its website summary information on medicinal products for which a notification has been submitted.