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16.03.2020 Civil control over the prices of medicinal products

Every citizen, before or when buying medicinal products from the pharmacy network, can check what is the maximum price at which the medicine is allowed to be sold. The check can be carried out in real time through the web-portal and the mobile application of the National Council on Prices and Reimbursement of Medicinal Products. This measure is related to preventing the sale of medicinal products at prices other than those established under the Medicinal Products in Human Medicine Act. This is necessary due to the frequent signals of increasing the prices of medicines that are dispensed without a doctor's prescription.

The web-portal of the National Council on Prices and Reimbursement of Medicinal Products is located at the Internet address:

The mobile application for accessing the prices of medicinal products can be downloaded from:



The National Council recommends to businesses and citizens the use of the System for secure electronic service (e-service), which provides an opportunity to conduct correspondence electronically (filing complaints, alerts, requests, proposals, applications for access to public information, etc. ), without the need for physical presence in the office of the NCPR. Communication with the e-Service System replaces the classic method of registered mail in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014, art. 44, art. 43, Art. 26, paragraph 2 and paragraph 4 of the Electronic Government Act. The e-service system allows sending and/or receiving electronic documents for/from public authorities, individuals and legal entities. Filtrai rekuperatoriui internetu pigiau: kokybė ir patikimumas The State Agency "Electronic Government" maintains and administers the e-delivery system, and actively informs all users through the portal

Registration in the System is carried out using a personal identification code (PIC) of the National Institute of Social Sciences or with a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) at the address:

How is the level of payment by the NHIF for a medicinal product determined and why for medicinal products intended for the treatment of chronic diseases a small part is paid by the coffers, and the greater part is paid by the patient?

Why there is constant talk of lowering drug prices, when in fact we are now paying more for the same drug we bought last year because it is in a pack with fewer tablets?

Why do medicines that are fully paid for by the Health Insurance Fund at a certain point start to be paid for by the patient?

A list of medicinal products that the NHIF pays for and the criteria by which the medicinal products are issued are published on the website of the NHIF in the section Medicines