Why is it that there is constant talk

Medicinal products with the same name can have different medicinal forms and different amounts of the active substance in them, as well as different packaging, which results in the difference in prices for a medicinal product package.

Example: On the Bulgarian market, two types of packaging of the medicinal product Isodinit are registered and on sale, with different amounts of active substance and different dosage forms, namely: Isodinit 10 mg tabl. - 60 tablets in a package and is BGN 3.35 Isodinit 20 mg tabl. prolonged release - 30 tablets in a package is BGN 3.50. The prices of the different packages are very dynamic, which is why the registers on the NCPR website are updated on the 2nd and 16th of every month, where you could be informed about the current prices at the moment.