Prof. Ilko Getov, PhD

prof ilko getovProf. Ilko Nikolaev Getov graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Medical University - Sofia in 1988.

Since 1997 he has been an Assistant / Chief Assistant Professor, since 2005 - Associate Professor, and since 2013 – full time Professor at the Department of Organization and Economics of Pharmacy of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical University - Sofia.

He is PhD on "Social Medicine and Organization of the Healthcare and Pharmacy" with dissertation title "Pharmacoepidemiological studies on the use of antibiotics and psychotropic drugs" from 1997. He has acquired post-graduate specialties in "Organization and economics of distribution and pharmacy practice", "Clinical Pharmacy" and "Hospital Pharmacy".

Prof. Getov participates in the training of undergraduate students, postgraduates and doctoral students. The research work and contributions are in the following areas: "Pharmaceutical and drug regulation", "Clinical pharmacy", "Pharmacoepidemiology", "Clinical trials".

Prof. Getov is the author of more than 192 publications, 12 textbooks, 15 monographs and chapters of monographs with over 300 citations. He has 16 PhD students who have successfully acquired doctoral degrees. He is a participant and team leader in 5 scientific projects, funded by the Research Fund, the Council of Medical Science at the Medical University - Sofia, and others. Reklama internete ir SEO optimizacija

He is a member of the editorial board of scientific journals, including with impact factor (IF). Prof. Getov was a member of the National Council on Prices and Reimbursement of Medicinal Products for the period March-November 2013, Chairman of the Board of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union in the period 2013-2020, First Vice President of the Pharmaceutical Group of the EU - 2016, Chairman of the Health Technology Assessment Commission in the period 2017-2019 and a member of the EMA CHMP from 24.10.2020 to the present.