Chair of NCPRMP

Born on 21 Jume 1964 in the city of Sofia.
Accomplished higher education in the HIE “K. Marx” (now UNWE), Sofia, master’s degree in “Economics of Trade”.
From 1986 until April 1991 worked in the Committee on Prices to the Council of Ministers as a specialist in Directorate “Agriculture, Public Catering and Trade”, Section “Trade and Public Catering”.
Since 1991 to date she is a full professor in the Department “Economics of Trade”, UNWE.
In 2005 defended a thesis on “Issues of the management of stocks (on the example of supermarket chain BILLA-Bulgaria)”. Since 2005 she is a Doctor of Economy.
Since 22 June 2010 she is Associate. Professor in the scientific specialty “Economics and Management (Planning and Analysis of Trade Activity)”.