According to the Medicinal Products in Human Medicine Act, the State regulates the limit prices of the medicinal products subject to medical prescription and the prices of the medicinal products on the positive list of medicines which are paid with public funds according to the lowest reference prices in the EU Member States.

The Ordinance on the Terms, Rules and Procedure for Regulation and Registration of Prices for Medicinal products determines 17 countries to which Bulgaria is referencing. Of these, the main ones are Romania, France, Latvia, Greece, Slovakia, Lithuania, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Spain and the additional - Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Finland and Estonia.

The information regarding the web-address of the responsible institutions, access to pharmaceutical prices, local currency and the legislation of the 17 referent for the Republic of Bulgaria countries, you can see HERE.HERE.

The information is updated on 01/01/2017